QBIC, an interdisciplinary and quantitative biological sciences curriculum: Concept to implementation


© 2011, Foundation Journal of Science Education. All rights reserved. QBIC (Quantifying Biology in the Classroom) is a reformed four-year (freshmansenior) program within the Biological Sciences Department at Florida International University. QBIC was implemented with a cohort of 23 freshmen fall 2007, a second cohort of freshmen fall 2008, and two cohorts (3 rd and 4 th ) entered the program fall 2009. The blueprint for QBIC was developed beginning 2004 over a 2-year period by 12 faculty members in biological sciences, mathematics, statistics, chemistry, physics, computer science and biomedical engineering. We are working towards better preparing 21st century biology students with tools to think more quantitatively, by offering them a more rigorous interdisciplinary and quantitative curriculum.

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