Actions we can take

I feel a responsibility to address racial violence in my physics class.

Individual Meetings With Students

Since we've reached the halfway point in the quarter, I thought it wise to check in with the students

Problem Solving Workshops at a distance

My teaching agenda includes weekly problem solving workshops. The idea is that students should have time to work together on solving …

Standards Based Grading

My plan for this course has been to use standards based grading on weekly assignments. The basic theory of this practice is that we …

Standards Based Grading With Gradescope and R

Initially, I wrote this post first, but then realized that I needed to talk about Standards Based Grading before I launched into the …

Incremental Improvements

After last week's trainwreck of a class I knew I had to make some changes. So this week I wrote a ton of slides. Plus side, they look …

Adapting Plans

After week one of teaching things change.

Course Planning during Covid

Adapting to fully online teaching.

Office Hours

After a trainwreck on Wednesday, I had office hours today and it wasn't bad, in fact it was good.